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Angels Among Us

We are deeply sorry for your loss.
We invite you all to create a lasting tribute to your angel here with words and pictures.

We hope that by reading about other lost angels, and posting about your own, that it helps ease your loss a little.

Until we see them again, they are Angels Among Us.
-Patrice and Dr. Erin

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2001 – 2015

Sonny Clay was a 14 1/2 year old Lab-Retriever, who picked us from a shelter when he was 3 months old. Sonny loved to swim, chase balls, eat peanut butter toast, snuggle and play soccer; he could move the ball all over the yard, batting it between his front legs. Sonny was very gentle and loved children, the neighbor kids often stopped to visit him. Sonny loved Becky the cat; they played, snuggled and hunted in the yard together. Sonny lost his eyesight when he was 9 years, yet he continued to play soccer and keep his happy, happy spirit. He was so trusting and loving. Sonny lost his hearing when he was 13, and still woke every day with a happy attitude and love for everyone. He was a lesson in grace. Sonny is greatly missed here on earth, but we know we will see him again. We love you Sonny!

Mary ClaySantineau


1989 – 2014

Oliver was my best friend. He loved everyone who came to visit us, always welcoming them with his very vocal meow. I remember going to the local pet store with my mother when I was 5 years old and looked at all of the kitties there…Oliver seemed to pick me. He could turn any bad day into a happy one and he loved cuddling. His 24 years on this earth were a blessing to me. He is my little angel and will be dearly missed.

Shawna Farr

Oliver 1989-2014

Tucker 1998-2008



1998 – 2008

I went all the way to Winnipeg, Canada for Tucker and the minute he hopped in the car for the ride home we were connected. He was 8 weeks old and never whimpered once. Tucker was the first dog I had that made me realize dogs have a sense of humor and could tease people. He would get a look in his eyes when you knew he was up to something. He even ate 5 twenty dollar bills of mine one night (oh, I got it back). He made me laugh every day.




2002 – 2009

Lexie didn’t have a mean bone in her body. She was the epitome of kindness and love. I never had to leash Lexie when i took her to the nursing home with me, she would go off on her own and visit residents, and when she was done, she would come back and find me. I miss her every day.




2008 – 2014

I got Duffy a week after my Tucker passed away. I had him flown in from Missouri and he came out of that airplane full of confidence and vigor looking around for the next adventure. He healed my broken heart and then broke it again. Duffy ended up with Congestive Heart Failure and the vet was at a loss why he would have this, since it’s not in the breed. I believe it was from a tic disease he contracted – anaplasmosis. Duffy lasted 14 months, staying by my side almost every day. He was a trooper and trusted in every decision I made for him from tapping his belly weekly to remove excess fluid, to syringe feeding him when he wouldn’t eat. I did not want to make the decision to put him down, and he repaid me with love by going to sleep one night and not waking up. He looked so peaceful. I miss “my buddy.”


Duffy 2008-2014




We adopted “Ryan” from the Colorado Springs Humane Society 6 years ago. We were told he was anywhere from 8-12 years old & we renamed him Presley. He loved to ride on my shoulders & give hugs. He moved with us to Wisconsin 3 years ago & my new husband taught him to high – five for his snackies. About 6 months ago he started to lose weight & show signs of his age. He would have good & bad days with the bad days becoming more & more. We decided his quality of life was no longer good & in being that I was honored & blessed to be his care giver & made the hard decision to set him free. We fed him his favorite food so his tummy was full & he was so relaxed & at peace in my arms as he took his last breath. He’s buried in our garden underneath a shade tree & we are having a marker made in his memory. I miss his sweet little face & his nightly cuddles but I smile through my tears knowing he had a wonderful life with us & will be forever loved.

Tracie Knuth

Chopper 2000-2012


2000 – 2012

Once in life time a dog comes along that touches your heart to the absolute core and you don’t know what you did before he came into your life. That was our boy Chop. I brought him home from the Chippewa shelter when I was working there part-time, and he immediately was the best boy that we could have ever asked for. He was one of those dogs, that was good- just because he wanted to be. Everyone thought we had trained him so well, and as much as we would have liked to have taken credit for it, we couldn’t, he was just that good. We never had to tell him something more than once. He just knew. He was everyone’s best friend and went everywhere with us because he knew just how to behave.

Unfortunately that day always comes when you have to say goodbye. It truly was one of the darkest days of our lives. Saying goodbye to your best friend is the absolute hardest thing to do. He had a wonderful last day with his family in the backyard and crossed the rainbow bridge next to his beloved campfire. It was perfect for him, but heartwrenching for us. We laid him to rest in a corner of the flower garden where Iris’s now bloom above him every spring. Not a day goes by that we don’t miss his smiling face……Until we see you again sweetheart. You really were the best dog in the world.

Patrice Anderson