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We strive to bring back the personal touch and provide veterinary care based on what your individual needs are.

We understand everyone’s personal preferences, budgets, and lifestyles are different. We will work WITH you to decide what the best medical plan is for your and your adored pet. We will always put your feelings first and will make every effort to making your pet’s veterinary care as pleasant as it can be.

Patrice Anderson

I was born and raised in River Falls, Wisconsin and as a child we always had various critters running around the house. I moved to Chippewa Falls immediately following my high school graduation and began a family a few years after. I also began volunteering at the Chippewa County Humane Association and not long after became an employee. I knew then that my calling was Veterinary Medicine.
I worked various part-time jobs throughout the years, allowing me to stay home with my three children. And yet- I still felt the pull to do what I was truly passionate about, so at the age of 38, I enrolled in the Veterinary Technician program at Globe University. Many people thought I was crazy!
It was at Globe University that I met Dr. Erin Weiss; she was one of my favorite instructors! During my studies at Globe, prompted by numerous friends and family members asking if I could just “stop by and take a look at something” on their pet, that the idea for Voyaging Vet & Tech Services, LLC was born.
Dr. Erin and I found out quickly that we shared much of the same ideals and passion for making veterinary visits more comfortable for pets and their owners, so shortly after my graduation in December of 2011, we launched VVTS and did our first House Call vet visit on June 4th of 2012.
I have many interests and hobbies, but my second passion in life is my ever-growing family! We now have three grandsons and they are truly the light of my life. I also enjoy many outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and kayaking. We currently own two dogs- Addie, a Boston Terrier, and Danny, a huge goofy mixed breed Rottweiler as well as three kitties- Albi, Oliver and Paul.

Dr. Erin Weiss

I grew up on a diary farm near Plum City, Wisconsin. As a girl, I was always following my father down to the barn, and helping with small jobs. Always, the arrival of the veterinarian would find me right there beside him, observing if not helping. 

I have worked at several small animal clinics in the Milwaukee area until 2010, when my husband and I returned to the Chippewa Valley area. After working at several brick-and-mortar clinics, Patrice approached me with an idea: to start the first house call only practice in the area.  It had always been a dream in the back of my mind to be able to work with animals in the place they are most comfortable- their home.  It has been wonderful to plan and work with Patrice to build a practice that fulfills our vision of the best veterinary care for animals, and the people that care for them. 

In my (limited) spare time, I still enjoy spending time with my sons and husband, reading, gardening, raising chickens, and cooking.  I have a lab mix named Drake, three cats, and assorted poultry. 


The very best! I love that they come to your house so there isn't the anxiety of taking my dog to the vet. They are very personal in the care they give and reasonably priced. We have used them since the beginning and wouldn't go anywhere else.
Dr. Erin and Patrice are awesome! It is extremely convenient that they come to your house. Very knowledgeable and skilled as well.
Highly recommend these ladies. We met under sad circumstances and they were extremely compassionate and patiently explained everything. Reasonably priced services.
VVTS is a godsend to the residents at Bob's House for Dogs, as well as my own personal pets. Dr. Erin and Patrice have always exceeded our expectations! Great service they bring to the Chippewa Valley and surrounding area.
We would highly recommend Voyager Pet & Tech Services, LLC! They took the time to communicate the right options. They were available to us when we needed them. They have integrity and so much compassion; explained step-by-step the process of euthanasia. They have competitive prices. And the fact that they come to your home, that was so important to us. Definitely will use their services in the future!
Dr Erin and Patrice are wonderful- they are compassionate, skilled providers. They took great care of our dog Sonny and cat Becky; and helped us through their passing. They are great providers to our two Lab family members Banjo and Sammy. Thanks Dr. Erin and Patrice!
It was. so nice & less stressful for my FurKids to have their nails done in their own home. during the special they ran raising funds for the Girl Scouts after the tragedy. They were prompt, polite, & did a wonderful job with my Nervous Nellie Great Dane boy. I will certainly have them come again & recommend them to everyone. Great ladies!
Dr. Erin and Patrice have a special place in our hearts. We have used their services twice now when it was time for us to put a beloved furry family member to sleep. They are both so compassionate and patient. When they are in your home, they feel like old friends that care as much about your animals as you do. There is something precious about your pet being able to pass away on their favorite spot on the couch with no stress. They will even transport your pet to cremation if you wish. We have a different veterinarian that we use for regular services and they have worked with us both times for these services and made us feel like their first priority. So encouraging and understanding. I highly recommend them for any veterinary needs.