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Voyaging Vet & Tech Services, LLC is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Certified Veterinary Technician team brings back the old fashion “house call” and provide veterinary care where your animal is most comfortable, YOUR HOME! We strive to bring back the personal touch and provide veterinary care based on what YOUR individual needs are.
We understand that everyone’s personal preferences, budgets and life styles are different and we will work WITH you to decide what the best medical plan is for you and your adored pet. We will always put your feelings first and will make every effort to making your pets veterinary care as pleasant as it can be.




Patrice Anderson


I was born and raised in the small town of River Falls, WI, the youngest daughter of Jim and Sandee Tyler. I am married to the love of my life and my best friend Steve Anderson. I have one older brother, Guy, whom we lost to a car accident at the age of 37 and an older sister Pammy, who runs a very successful Cruise Planner franchise. I am the mother of three wonderful children; Zachary, who dates a wonderful girl named Amy, whom we adore and she has two wonderful children of her own, Lucas 11 and Jack 4, they are a joy. Next is Megan, 22, who recently married her high school sweetheart, Justin Kelly on November 8th, 2014, and our youngest, Benji, 20, soon to be married to his love Kara Henneman in July of 2015! It has been a crazy and fun few years! I also have three fur kids; one dog, Danny, a 3 year old Rottweiler mix and two cats, Oliver and Albi. We went from having a very geriatric household, having lost our Chopper, Harley and Junior all in a very close time frame, to now having three rambunctious adolescents in the house. They are a handful but lots of fun too- I call them my “naughty boys!”
I chose to have my children at a young age and opted to put any “career” on hold so that I could be home with them as much as possible during their early years. It was some of the most challenging, yet rewarding times of my life. They have all turned out to be wonderful human beings and I have never regretted my decision to put them first.
Through the years I have held several different jobs and truly enjoyed every one of them. In high school, I started working as a waitress at the Country Kitchen in River Falls, and continued that at the Pizza Hut in Chippewa Falls, WI after we relocated here immediately following my high school graduation. My father had been commuting to his job as a phone service specialist at NSP for the last two years of my education and upon my graduation we made the permanent move to Chippewa Falls. I am still here twenty seven years later so evidently I like it!
I remained at Pizza Hut for seven years and three pregnancies, much to the amusement of my regular customers. ☺ I then took the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) course and discovered my love for medicine and caring for others. I thoroughly enjoyed that but took a chance at a new opportunity after two years and much to my own surprise, found myself being one of the first and only female flooring sales specialist’s at GCO (Georgia Carpet Outlet) in Chippewa Falls. I had no idea how much I would love it and worked my way up to the assistant manager position after several years. I took great pleasure in helping people pick out the best flooring choices for their remodel projects or new home constructions and always worked hard at finding the best choice for their lifestyle, not what was the most profitable for the sale. I had a very loyal customer following because of my honesty and integrity.
I have always had a passion for animals ever since I could remember. I grew up with dogs, cats and the occasional “rescue” animal. During my flooring sales years I also worked part-time at the Chippewa County Humane Association. It was physically hard and emotionally draining, but I felt like I was making such a difference in the lives of those shelter animals that I never minded the hard work and next to nothing pay. In the summer of 2008, Globe University opened and they offered the Veterinary Technician program. I saw the ad on TV one day, called immediately, applied the next day, and at the age of 38, I went back to college!! I only attended part-time so it took me a bit longer to complete, but in December of 2011, I walked across the stage and received my degree in Veterinary Technology with high honors! It was one of the proudest moments of my life.
During my time at Globe, I was fortunate enough to be the student worker for our program and I was able to work very closely with all the instructors. Dr. Erin Weiss happened to be one of those instructors and she and I began discussing the need for this area to have a mobile practice as far back as 2010. In the beginning it was just “what if” type talk, but as we had more conversations about it, it became less of a “what if” and more of a “maybe WE should do this”! It was during my final quarter at Globe that we made the decision to start and operate Voyaging Vet and Tech Services, LLC in the Chippewa Valley area. The planning and start up has been an absolute whirlwind of emotions and new learning experiences but we are both utterly committed to bringing back the “house call” and giving the best and most personalized veterinary care to your beloved “kids” that we can.

Dr. Erin Weiss

I grew up on a dairy farm near Plum City, Wisconsin, the oldest daughter of Jim and Verna Weiss. As a girl, I was always following my father down to the barn, and helping with small jobs, such as feeding the calves, scraping the aisle, putting cows in the barn. Always, the arrival of the veterinarian would find me right there beside him, observing if not helping. I was also active in Pepin County 4-H, showing dairy cattle every year, along with baking, photography, and, of course, participating in Veterinary Science.
After I graduated Plum City High School, I decided to go to University of Wisconsin – Madison, and major in Dairy Science. It was a hard adjustment, moving away from home to the big city, but the Ag campus at Madison has a great small-town feel. Everyone knows you, and is very friendly. After three years, I applied to the Veterinary School, and was accepted! The next four years, I had a great time studying veterinary medicine. At that time, I planned to be a mixed animal practitioner, so I studied both large and small animal medicine and surgery.
In January 2000, I married my high school sweetheart, Brandon Clare. He graduated from UW-Stout with a degree in Business and Construction Management, and got a job in Brookfield, Wisconsin doing project management for a company doing commercial drywall. Now, there are not many cows in the Milwaukee area. So, instead of becoming a mixed animal practitioner, I changed my focus to small animals only. My first job was in Thiensville, Wisconsin, a small northern suburb of Milwaukee found within the city of Mequon. The Thiensville-Mequon Small Animal clinic is an AAHA-accredited clinic with 5 doctors on staff, doing small animal medicine and surgery. I worked at there for almost 5 years in a full-time position of Associate Veterinarian.
When my oldest son, Jordan, was born, I wanted to reduce my 45 hour work week, and my 40 minute commute, in order to spend more time with him. I moved to the Hartford Animal Clinic, another AAHA-affliated small animal clinic, located in the Kettle Moraine area north of Waukesha. I spent 5 years there, as well, as a part-time Associate Veterinarian, enjoying the extra time with Jordan, and, two years later, with his brother Mason.
As the boys grew, Brandon and I started thinking about moving back to the western Wisconsin area, to be closer to family, and have the boys grow up in the same friendly, caring, small-town environment that we both enjoyed growing up in. In January 2010, we moved back to the Plum City area. I started teaching Veterinary Technology at Globe University-Eau Claire campus. I met Patrice at Globe – she was in one of the very first classes that I taught – and of course was my best student!!
In my (limited) spare time – I still enjoy spending time with my boys, reading, organic gardening, and cooking. I also help my husband – in 2013, he purchased the local butcher shop in Plum City – JM Watkins. And, no, I have nothing to do with cutting up of meat – I keep the books, and do the paperwork. I have a Weimaraner (Sophie), who prevents us from getting any cats, and who loves to stalk my chickens. My 14 laying hens are safely penned up for that reason! Although, Sophie is also very good at keeping any critters away from the chickens, so I guess she is like an older sibling – both a protector, and a tormentor, to the chickens.
I was very blessed to meet Patrice, and that we shared the same dream – to be able to work with animals in the place they are most comfortable – their home. It has been wonderful to plan and work with Patrice to build a practice that fulfills our vision of the best veterinary care for animals, and the people that care for them.

Dr E Bio