2,008 – 2,014

I got Duffy a week after my Tucker passed away. I had him flown in from Missouri and he came out of that airplane full of confidence and vigor looking around for the next adventure. He healed my broken heart and then broke it again. Duffy ended up with Congestive Heart Failure and the vet was at a loss why he would have this, since it’s not in the breed. I believe it was from a tic disease he contracted – anaplasmosis. Duffy lasted 14 months, staying by my side almost every day. He was a trooper and trusted in every decision I made for him from tapping his belly weekly to remove excess fluid, to syringe feeding him when he wouldn’t eat. I did not want to make the decision to put him down, and he repaid me with love by going to sleep one night and not waking up. He looked so peaceful. I miss “my buddy.”