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Voyaging Vet & Tech Services, LLC is the first “house call only” veterinary practice of its kind in the Chippewa Valley area! We come straight to you and your pet, no travel, no struggling with placing pets in carriers and no noisy waiting rooms!! We provide veterinary care right where your pet is most comfortable, THEIR HOME! We are committed to providing the best veterinary care for your pet in the comfort of their own home. We will strive to do what is best for you and your pet and make recommendations based on your individual situation; personalizing our care for just you. We strive to build trusting and long lasting relationships, and will be there for you throughout your pet’s life. When the time comes to say goodbye, we will also kindly and humanely assist you to ease their passing.


We come to you. Save time and stress by not having to bring your pet in to a clinic. We come to you, and are comparable in price to a traditional office, but without all the hassle!


No waiting rooms or stressful car rides!

With our house calls, you and your pet have our full attention.


Our house calls eliminate what can be a very stressful experience for your pet. It's safer for your pet too; by avoiding the clinic, your pet avoids other sick animals.

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Customer Reviews

"They are both so compassionate and patient. When they are in your home, they feel like old friends that care as much about your animals as you do."
"...such a better way to do this. so much better for both dog and owners. We miss her so very much, your kindness and gentleness helped us so much. We are so thankful for you both."

About us

Patrice Anderson, CVT

I also began volunteering at the Chippewa County Humane Association and not long after became an employee. I knew then that my calling was Veterinary Medicine.”

Dr. Erin Weiss, DVM

“As a girl, I was always following my father down to the barn, and helping with small jobs. Always, the arrival of the veterinarian would find me right there beside him, observing if not helping. “

Why Voyaging VTS?

  • Convenient! We come to you!
  • Economical – no fuel costs and comparable in price to a traditional office visit without all the hassle.
  • No time wasted driving to a clinic OR in a waiting room.
  • No exposure to other sick animals (especially important for young and sick dogs)
  • Full attention to you and your pet
  • A stress free environment

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